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Salvation Records
1994 - 1995

The Radial Pair Babylon 1 Babylon 2 Babylon 3 Babylon 4 Babylon 5 Babylon 6 Babylon 7

The Radial Pair

Track Listing: .
A1:Kiss Me And Die
A3:Dark Rain
A4:Cloud Dancing
A6:Cold House
A7:Red Sky
A8:Machine Heart

Catalogue NoFormatCountryDate
SACD 2-5Mini CD AlbumWorldwideAugust 1994


Soundtrack for The Radial Pair video

( NUMA VID 02)

Babylon 1

Track Listing:
A1:Berserker(12 Inch Version)
A2:My Dying Machine12 Inch Version
A3:Empty Bed, Empty Heart
A4:Here Am I
A5:She Cries

Catalogue NoFormatCountryDate
SACD 2/1Rejected Cover & CDWorldwide1995
SACD 2/1Mini CD AlbumWorldwide1995

SACD 2/1 Rejected Cover & CD

SACD 2/1

Babylon 2

Track Listing:
A1:Your Fscination12 Inch Version
A2:Call Out The Dogs12 Inch Version
A3:We Need It
A5:This Ship Comes Apart
A6:Mistasax 1

Catalogue NoFormatCountryDate
SACD 2/2Rejected Cover & CDWorldwide1995
SACD 2/2Mini CD AlbumWorldwide1995

SACD 2/2 Rejected Cover

'Mistasax 2' is mistakenly titled as 'Mistasax 1'.

SACD 2/2

'Mistasax 2' is mistakenly titled as 'Mistasax 1'

Babylon 3

Track Listing:
A1:Miracles12 Inch Version
A2:I Still Remember12 Inch Version
A3:The Fear1995 Remix
A4:Puppets1995 Remix
A5:TribalCall Out The Dogs Unreleased Version

Catalogue NoFormatCountryDate
SACD 2-3Mini CD AlbumWorldwide1995

SACD 2-3

Babylon 4

Track Listing:
A1:This Is Love12 Inch Version
A2:I Can't Stop12 Inch Version
A5:Time To Die
A6:Mistasax 2Previously Unreleased

Catalogue NoFormatCountryDate
SACD 2-4Mini CD AlbumWorldwide1995

SACD 2-4

'Mistasax 1' is mistakenly titled as 'Mistasax 2'.

Babylon 5

Track Listing:
A1:New Anger12 Inch Version
A2:America12 Inch Version
A4:I Don't Believe
A7:Tread Careful

Catalogue NoFormatCountryDate
SACD 2-5Mini CD AlbumWorldwide1995

SACD 2-5

Babylon 6

Track Listing:
A1:The Skin Game12 Inch Version
A2:Emotion12 Inch Version
A3:Dark Mountain
A4:In A Glasshouse

Catalogue NoFormatCountryDate
SACD 2-6Mini CD AlbumWorldwide1995

SACD 2-6

Babylon 7

Track Listing:
A1:Machine And Soul
A2:A Question Of Faith
A3:The Hauntings
A4:Metal BeatPreviously Unreleased Demo
A5:Whisper Of Truth
A6:Play Like God

Catalogue NoFormatCountryDate
SACD 2-7Mini CD AlbumWorldwide1995

SACD 2-7

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